Monday, 2 May 2011

The weekend saw more good training, and now I am down to the final three weeks before the 10K. This next two weeks will be very important as i don't want to rely too much on the final week, I just want to tick over then.
I have been avoiding weighing myself and measuring my body fat for the last few weeks, but for a reason. I am due to get a proper fitness assessment done and thought I could use the more accurate measurements I get then as the benchmark. Once done I will then measure my body fat with my calipers and my weight with my scales and see if they tally up the same. Then its time to burn the fat away!!
After watching UFC129 I think its time I stepped into the octagon. I Love watching the shows with GSP training(did you see him doing gymnastics), he certainly is dedicated, but how boring is his fights? He is so technical its like watching a robot fight, no imagination. He needs to face up to a scrapper next time to see what he is made of!!

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