Monday, 2 May 2011

The weekend saw more good training, and now I am down to the final three weeks before the 10K. This next two weeks will be very important as i don't want to rely too much on the final week, I just want to tick over then.
I have been avoiding weighing myself and measuring my body fat for the last few weeks, but for a reason. I am due to get a proper fitness assessment done and thought I could use the more accurate measurements I get then as the benchmark. Once done I will then measure my body fat with my calipers and my weight with my scales and see if they tally up the same. Then its time to burn the fat away!!
After watching UFC129 I think its time I stepped into the octagon. I Love watching the shows with GSP training(did you see him doing gymnastics), he certainly is dedicated, but how boring is his fights? He is so technical its like watching a robot fight, no imagination. He needs to face up to a scrapper next time to see what he is made of!!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Last week I was on holiday with the schools being off, it was great to spend time with Kim and Aisha. The downturn in business over the last couple of years may have hit me in the pocket, but the more family time spent has been a bonus.
Training is still going well, though i need to increase the weight lifting side. The running and swimming are going well, and i am starting to feel the difference. I haven't weighed myself and measured my body fat, as I am due a fitness assessment and was going to use the measurements taken then as the bench mark to work from.
Just over three weeks to go until the 10k race, and I think I am in an OK position just now, but I have to keep the pace up, no missing sessions!!!
Diet wise things are going OK, but I need to find some variety in my food as I am starting to get bored of the same stuff!!

Friday, 8 April 2011

its been a really good week, swimming every day this week, running 4 nights so far. diet has been clean, and iam feeling positive. Next week I am on holiday and really aim to up the stakes, doing as much as i can without injuring myself!! Last night i watched the opening show of the new series of The Ultimate Fighter, good to see an old friend of AMAG's Erik Paulson on the show assisting Brock Lesnar's team. Filled my head with happy memories of Pat!!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Decent day yesterday, went out swimming at lunchtime, done 20 x 25m lengths, then more running at night. Today I also went swimming, another 20 lengths. Tonight i will rest as i have friends round for tea. i have momentum with me, I have to keep this going, but am confident I can. The big thing has been giving myself that carrot on the end of the stick. Why didn't I think of this years ago!!!!!

Monday, 4 April 2011

48 days to go

Last week was my first full week training. So how did it go. Bad start to the week, forgot to take my weight and body fat percentage. But that's OK, not a big deal. So i had 5 running sessions, 1 swimming session and two kettlebell sessions. Conclusion, decent start to the week but I need to up the pace. Swimming on Saturday morning, the first time I have done lengths in years. Funny thing with swimming is, when you start to struggle you take in water and start to splutter!! I was struggling to cope with my breathing, when to breath, when not to, and spluttered a couple of times!! But it was good fun, and surprisingly harder work than I expected. That afternoon I headed to the gym for some running on the treadmill. Really enjoyed it, and tracking my progress was much easier. Tonight I head back for an hour on the treadmill which will be a good benchmark of where I am fitness wise. Diet wise things have been good. Tried to calorie and nutrition count last week, but it is very hard. For example on Wednesday Kim had made mince and tatties. I had a small portion for supper. Because I hadn't cooked it or measured it, I couldn't include it so the whole days counting went to pot!! I have decided to keep the same eating regime going, small meals every two and half hours, clean foods like wholewheat pasta, wholewheat bread, chicken, turkey and vegetables, but forget about counting the nutrition. Will see how that goes. If it doesn't work i will review. This week i will need to increase the amount of running I do. As usual I find it hard to work into my schedule, but I read an article with Georges St-Pierre who said all his training is fight based, he doesn't do any running, skipping etc as he doesn't do that in the octagon so why would he train to do it. His cardio, strength training etc all comes from the MMA training he does. Good theory I thought. So I decided If i ever have to decide between say kettlebells or running for that days exercise, running should always prevail as that is what my focus is on just now!!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Training is going well. Last night I repeated the kettlebell routine I done on Sunday. I also went out for a run late at night. Performance wise this wasn't so good, i was tired from the kettlebells, and I left it too late to go out. While running three things came to mind. I need to shift some weight to make the running easier, I really noticed the extra weight I am carrying. Secondly I need to strengthen my legs, as they felt weak last night. Thirdly I need to improve my lung capacity. Plenty to work on over the next few weeks. I have to admit though, signing up for the 10k run has been the perfect motivational tool, it has taken over all my thoughts lately, everything is being geared towards the run. Mentally I still have a lot to go to be able to do this run, but am working towards it. After my runs I have been drinking protein drinks, but am considering changing that to creatine. But first i need to do more research on this.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Spring has Sprung

Its great that spring is upon us, even though I had to scrape the frost off my windscreen this morning. Training for the 10K is in full swing, and with just less than 8 weeks to go I have a helluva lot of work to do. We have a team for the Baker Hughes and a page for making donations, if anyone is out there in cyberspace and has any spare cash, please donate to a worthy cause. The link is Yesterday I completed a kettlebell workout that consisted of the following. All were 3 x 12 reps Shoulder Swings Full Body Swings Full Body high Pull Overhead Shoulder Press Leg Squat(only using 1 kettlebell) Uni Bent Over Row Chest Press(only using 1 kettlebell) Ab Crunch Side Bend I also got out on my bike yesterday. It was good being out, shame the rain came on half way out. The lighter nights feels good, and will help me to stay active. I have also written up a spreadsheet to help track my food intake. Tonight, I will be out for a run, tomorrow or Wednesday I will incorporate swimming to my routine. Feeling positive just now, and I need to keep that going!!